FireDial™ UDS Adjustable Heat Shield (Deflector Plate) for 55 gallon Ugly Drum Smoker

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FireDial™ UDS Adjustable Heat Sheild - 21.75" for 55 gallon Ugly Drum Smoker. Also available a smaller version for your 30 gallon UDS.

Now an adjustable one piece baffle system is all that you need to tune your UDS smoker. Sits directly on the charcoal basket, or if possible mount approx 3" above the basket. These baffle plates are factory set to run around 225-250F on most drums, but can be easily tuned and customized to run hotter. To adjust, simply bend the tabs up to increase flow and custom tune your ugly drum smoker. We like to set it to your preferred max hot and fast temp, and then throttle down as needed to go low and slow.

This damper is the solution for UDS smoker heat management. Helps restrict flow & mix the air which prevents burnt food from direct heat, stabilize, equalize and balances temps. Easy indirect cooking on your drum! Allows for precise draft control and tuning. Fixes the inherent flaw of un-controlled heat just below the meat. No more flare ups when you open the lid!
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