Pizza Oven and Lid hinge it for 55 gallon UDS

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The Ugly Pizza Oven
Ever want to cook pizza on your drum smoker?  Now you can have a pizza ove for your UDS 55 gallon cooker!   LavaLock® has done it again, with this pizza kit and lid hinge combo!  

This Complete Stainless Steel Pizza oven kit incudes a spring assits lid hinge and works with any 55 gallon Drum. So even if not cooking pizza you will have a spring assisted lid hinge.   Easy to install!

Being able to smoke meats in your driveway or your backyard is great, but have you ever wished your drum smoker was more versatile? What if you were able to use it as a pizza oven or even a griddle?

We have built on the drum smoker’s solid foundation to bring you the Ugly Pizza Oven!

This drum smoker upgrade includes:

A pizza fuel basket – this piece attaches easily to the smoker’s rim and can be filled with wood or charcoal to provide more direct heat to the griddle. 

Stainless steel cooking plate – this stainless plate rests on the fuel basket and is contoured perfectly to the smoker’s rim. It’s ideal for cooking pizza, eggs, bacon, and much more. Think of it as your very own drum griddle. 

Stainless Cooking chamber hood – attach this stainless steel hood onto the drum smoker lid with three easy bolts and get cooking!

A lid hinge -Spring assisted, Desinged to work with the pizza kit!