The BBQ Basket (stainless or steel) Hunsaker vertical meat hanging basket

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Description- Multi purpose basket available in mild steel or stainless steel. The BBQ Basket comes with three compression plates (used to hold the meat in place) and six retaining pins. A 55 gallon drum will easily hold up to three baskets. The basket design has a special "flavor box" on the top of the basket that allows the cook to be very creative by adding fat, sausage, herbs, ect directly over the meat. As these items render, the resulting flavor profiles are phenomenal. When the baskets are placed in the smoker vertically (recommended), the air flow is greatly improved over conventional flat grates which can impede the air flow and make temperature control difficult.

** For drum smokers, the baskets are design to be used with the Hunsaker Vortex Charcoal Basket and heat shield.

**WSM smokers do not require a heat shield as the basket can be placed on top the Vortex Charcoal Basket.