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  1. 1-1/2" ID air inlet or exhaust for UDS Smoker w/ flange

    Regular Price: $14.49

    Special Price $13.50

    This air inlet assembly is for use on any smoker. Works great for Ugly Drum Smokers (UDS). Use 2 of these instead of costly ball valves! The square flange makes it easy to screw, rivet, or weld on your drum or firebox. Each air inlet is approximately 1.77 square inches of intake. 4" flange base, 1-1/2" i.d. tube, 2-1/4" height Learn More
  2. The Ultimate™ UDS Long tube & Laser Cut 55 Gallon Drum Kit

    The Ultimate™ UDS Long tube & Laser Cut 55 Gallon Drum Kit


    This Kit includes the very best of our uds parts. Uprights, laser basket and grate. All Heavy duty quality and USA made.

    UDS Assembley Guidelines

    Learn More
  3. Firebox Replacement 5" Air Shutter YXT-04-06

    Firebox Replacement 5" Air Shutter YXT-04-06


    Measures approximately: 5.59" Diameter Please check your owner's manual to make sure this part will work with your grill. Or use to build your own cooker and custom firebox pinwheel damper or air inlet. Learn More
  4. Locking UDS low profile cart wheel kit 55 gallon drum

    UDSparts™ Locking Low Pro 55 Gallon Drum Dolly for 55 Gallon Ugly Drum Smoker


    UDSparts™ has done it again with this Locking 55 Gallon Drum Dolly for 55 Gallon Ugly Drum Smoker. More about our LLP™ system: Our Locking and Low profile design allow your drum to sit low to the ground and has mechanical clips to help prevent tipping. Proprietary Locking tabs allow you to mount the drum to the cart and lock it in without drilling an holes! Low Profile Design, with recessed brackets. Our locking tab design allows for easy removal. This is a superior design and far better than any drum wheel set up on the market today. Heavy duty components. (Locking swivel wheel kit sold separately or add your own casters!) Learn More
  5. FireDial™ UDS Adjustable Heat Shield (Deflector Plate) for 55 gallon Ugly Drum Smoker

    Regular Price: $32.00

    Special Price $27.49

    As low as: $25.49

    FireDial™ UDS Adjustable Heat Sheild - 21.75" for 55 gallon Ugly Drum Smoker. Also available a smaller version for your 30 gallon UDS. Now an adjustable one piece baffle system is all that you need to tune your UDS smoker. Sits directly on the charcoal basket, or if possible mount approx 3" above the basket. These baffle plates are factory set to run around 225-250F on most drums, but can be easily tuned and customized to run hotter. To adjust, simply bend the tabs up to increase flow and custom tune your ugly drum smoker. We like to set it to your preferred max hot and fast temp, and then throttle down as needed to go low and slow. This damper is the solution for UDS smoker heat management. Helps restrict flow & mix the air which prevents burnt food from direct heat, stabilize, equalize and balances temps. Easy indirect cooking on your drum! Allows for precise draft control and tuning. Fixes the inherent flaw of un-controlled heat just below the meat. No more flare ups when you open the lid! Learn More
  6. Wheel Kit for Ugly Drum Smokers - Heavy Duty -complete w/ 3" swivel casters & caster mounts

    Regular Price: $49.99

    Special Price $39.95

    As low as: $31.95

    Our Wheel Kit for Ugly Drum Smokers is complete w/ 3" locking swivel casters, caster mounts & hardware! Fits the contour of the drum! High Quality Brackets (Made in USA) Heavy Duty 3" Swivel casters (Made in CN) Sold as a 3 pack with hardware included! Learn More
  7. LavaLockⓇ Ugly Drum Smoker Temp Controller - 4 Probe 35 cfm Variable Speed

    Regular Price: $199.95

    Special Price $147.99

    LavaLockⓇ has done it again with the all new and awesome Ugly Drum Smoker Temp Controller! Features - 4 Probes (3 meat & 1 pit), 35 cfm Variable Speed Fan, Quality Aluminum Case with Hi - Res Screen, Open Lid & Low Fuel Detection, Fire Detection, Easy Mute Button, C or F, and multi face fan adapter for use with not only your UDS 55 Gallon Drum, but with most of your other cookers! This is simply a winner. So simple to use and holds temps spot on!

    LL_ATC-1 Controller Startup Manual and Specifications

    Learn More
  8. LavaLock® 1.5" Square Air Inlet UDS intake damper with curved flange - Bolt On

    LavaLock® 1.5" Square Air Inlet UDS intake damper with curved flange - Bolt On


    LavaLock® 1.5" Ugly Drum Smoker Square Air Inlet features a Bolt on Ready & Curved Flange for easy installation. UDS intake damper is contoured to fit the side of a drum perfectly. We recommend using two per cooker for great draft when you startup your coals. Each UDS inlet damper provides 2.25" of intake combustion air for your drum cooker. Learn More
  9. LavaLock® UDS Intake and Exhaust Damper Set for Ugly Drum Smoker - 3 pc set - Square

    Regular Price: $39.93

    Special Price $35.00

    LavaLock® 3 pcs UDS Intake and Exhaust Damper Set for Ugly Drum Smoker 55 gallon Drum. Transform your 55 gallon barrel into a cooker with this discount intake and smoke stack kit. Best prices guarantee from UDS parts™. These are high quality 10 gauge flange and damper blades. Simply drill a hole in your 55 gallon barrel or lid and bolt on. Then just add a grate or charcoal basket and you have a 55 gallon barrel cooker. Learn More
  10. LavaLock® Horizontal Barrel cooker Fire Box, bolt on or weld on

    Regular Price: $269.00

    Special Price $234.00

    Turn a 55 gallon Drum or other tank / drum into to a horizontal offset cooker! This pre-built DIY Firebox is the way to go! No need to roll the steel or spend a lot of time and money learning how to make your own fire box. Our fire boxes are 11 gauge and weigh 60-70 lbs. Complete as pictured; painted, handle, warmer, coal grate and cook grate. Bolt on or weld on avail. This is an intermediate skill part. Not for the novice. Please note drums might need to be notched to have this charcoal fire box mate up properly. MADE in USA. Learn More

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